Lambda Legal (USA)


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The organization selects cases that will have the greatest impact in protecting and advancing the rights of LGBT people and those with HIV. The organization leads high-impact public education campaigns to help people exercise the rights they have and to build public support for equality. The organization advocates for public policy at the local, state and federal levels to improve the lives of LGBT people, people affected by HIV, and their families and allies.

Brief background

The Lambda Legal’s story begins with a band of volunteer lawyers struggling to break new ground for LGBT people in the American justice system. From that start came a national civil rights group that has had unprecedented success.
The project's website includes many tools to ensure that the rights of the LGBT community are respected when interacting with the court. See for example the Fair Courts Toolkit


Fair and impartial courts are a cornerstone of our democracy. The Fair Courts Project provides tools and information to counter harmful attacks on the courts that threaten LGBT and hiv-related civil rights and jeopardize the ability of our courts to make decisions based on constitutional and legal principles—not politics or popular opinion.


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