Imaginative Justice Award

Armoiries_NOM-VERT_Faculte_de_Droit_RGBThe Faculty of law of the Université de Montréal and the Chaire LexUM en information juridique will reward an innovative project which contributes to improve access to justice.

Every year, the Prize "Imaginative Justice" will be awarded to an individual or organization whose creative project has been selected by a specialized jury.

The main purpose is to highlight the outstanding contribution to the advancement of access to justice and the promotion of justice of an original idea in Quebec, Canada or abroad.

Nominations will be posted on the website.

The winner will be announced during the award ceremony of the Imaginative Justice Award.



The Trophy 2016


The 2016 trophy was created by Pierre-Luc Déziel, a contemporary internationally renowned artist. His  tri-dimensional art is based on constructivism.

For more information on his work :

Pierre-Luc Déziel gratuated in law at the Université de Montréal. He got his Ph. D in law in 2015 with honours. After coordinating the Centre de recherche en droit public, he has been nominated as Professor of Law and New technologies at Université Laval.

To see his CRDP profile:

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